India’s leading spice manufacturer switched to our data science framework for strategic decision making

Sales Analytics - Case Study

Reizend’s Sales Analytics solution is used by a large enterprise which holds significant market share in the manufacturing and supply of spice and masala powders. They have a presence in 20+ countries and 15+ States in India. Reizend’s Data Science solution is used by 50+ organizational leaders who engage on the data analytics platform on a daily basis to manage and evaluate the sales.

The analytics platform gives real-time actionable insights based on pre-defined and scientifically derived Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) designed for various stakeholders. The users of our solution range from top management decision-makers to the sales force personnel working on the ground. The KPIs so derived, are helping the users take immediate actions such as, diagnosing bottlenecks, managing stocks to supplement the strategic sales of specific products to specific markets, devising strategies based on current as well as historical trend, arriving at the root cause for deviations of actual sales against budgeted or predicted sales, proposing schemes to increase SKU traction or even planning sales officers’ visits to shops in order to prevent customer churn. The ‘run-of-the-mill’ or ‘fire-fighting’ strategies which were previously halting the growth of sales have been completely replaced by real-time action-oriented insights and one-stop dashboards for immediate course-corrections and strategies which yield better return-on-investment.

Ultimately, the insights derived from data analytics has helped the company increase their overall productivity of the sales team, foresee the sales scenario instead of doing a post-mortem analysis and eventually increase the sales done.

What makes the data-driven decision making even more effective in this enterprise is that, we are also powering them with Reizend’s bespoke Sales Channel Automation solution, which provides them the necessary data to take a deeper view into the secondary sales market. Reizend’s team in close collaboration with key sales and management stakeholders constantly unravel the untapped areas to improve sales by using Data Science techniques which have opened up completely new dimensions in the way they evaluate sales.

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