Make data-driven decisions in your enterprise with a Big-Data Analytics solution which is Powerful|

Embrace Data Science in your enterprise. Get customized analytics tailor-made to solve your business woes.

What We Do?

We have successfully delivered and are maintaining multiple Data Analytics & AI services projects in the B2B domain which are envisioned towards helping enterprises in the FMCG, Fashion, Retail and other Manufacturing and Distribution sectors to become “data literate” and cultivate a data-oriented decision-making culture within their organization.

Customized Solutions

Solve identified specific problems and their constraints in the subjected business domain with Data Analytics.

Decision Sciences

Bring data driven decision making culture in organization and take real-time decisions backed by ML algorithms and suggested business best practices.

Support & Maintenance

Avail technical Data Analytics platform support and maintenance. Find opportunities to upgrade your current architecture.

Retention Models

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How We Do It?

With the best lot of Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Project Managers and Business Analysts at our disposal we apply Agile Analytics methodologies and Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Analytics & Decision Sciences.


Business Understanding

Business Analysts and domain experts engage with your stakeholders and identify the key business problems to be addressed by using Data Science.


Data Understanding

The quality and granularity of the data will be assessed to determine if they will support the objectives defined in the business understanding phase.


Data Preparation & Modeling

It includes processes such as data cleansing, feature engineering, and evaluation of feature importance. It is frequently in this step where the “art” of Data Analytics becomes most valuable.


Data Analysis & Evaluation

The modelled data would be visualized, statistical tests performed and evaluated for answering the business problems formulated and refined in previous steps.


Usability Testing & Customer Acceptance

It is important to communicate the results to the stakeholders before deployment. This will undoubtedly lead to revisiting Business Understanding and other previous steps, which will refine expectations and results.


Deployment to Production

Actions include hardening the data infrastructure, educating end-users to interpret insights from dashboards, and reviewing the assumptions and limitations of the data and modelling techniques.

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