“Dr. Sales” a complete solution for your secondary channel distribution.

Includes a mobile application for the salesman and a powerful web application for the management, which automates the end-to-end workflow of the B2B distribution segment, starting from inventory, sales force automation, bank reconciliations to managing promotions/schemes and finances.

App Features

Dr. SALES is the only app you need to track your goals for better profits.

Powerful Spot Sales Module

Arguably the best Spot Sales automation application in India covering all the intricacies of direct-to-shop distribution.

QR-Coding & Geo-tagging

The hassles of maintaining data sanity of customers are addressed with the innovative combo of QR-coding and Geo-tagging.

Live Monitoring

Live tracking of inventory, customers and sales force with in-built analytics on “Where to Sell” and “What to Sell” with target management.


All provisions for running schemes, offers, promotions and merchandise management with customizations at customer and product level.

Finance Management

Automated bank reconciliations, expense management, stock excess and short handling, clean ledger maintenance.

Latest Technology

Easy integration with ERPs, 24*7 availability, automated syncing and use of Python-based frameworks for future AI enhancements.

How It Works ?

An intuitive android application for the Salesmen and a powerful django-based backend for end-to-end secondary channel distribution.

You can customize the features based on your business needs, re-brand the application, request new custom features and choose a viable IT infrastructure. We will help you with business best practices and make the application fit your business needs as well as the needs of the distribution market.

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